Swish Online Website Design and Develop – Terms and Conditions

Thank you for choosing Swish Online to design develop the new website for you.

Please observe our terms and conditions below – by proceeding with your order, you are acknologing that you accept our terms and conditions below.



  1. Client signs up for one of Swish Online’s three website packages here and pays 50% deposit online via credit card.
  2. Swish Online will send through an email within 1 business day to the client’s email address address, requesting specific information for the design and functionality of the new site
  3. Client will reply back with the requested information in the format required.
  4. Swish Online will commence the design phase, and once completed, will provide to the client as a web link for the client’s perusal (please note: Swish Online does not provide multiple design concepts). The client gives Swish Online feedback regarding this design concept and Swish Online actions the client’s feedback until the base site design is approved.
  5. Swish Online will finalise the design and functionality of the website on the wordpress platform and all site pages will be built according to the site map provided by the client in point 3 above.
  6. At this point, Swish Online will request all site content to be provided in a single document, with text content fully proofed, and any imagery required uploaded via a google drive link that Swish Online will provide.
  7. Swish Online will insert all provided client content.
  8. Site is then approved, and it is uploaded to a hosting account with Swish Online.
  9. Training manual is then provided to the client (on the Premium or E-Commerce packages only).



All functionality as outlined for the specific package chosen by the client here.



Anything that is not specifically mentioned above. Most common assumptions of inclusion are:

Additional contact or quote forms other than on contact page

Additional photo galleries

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Please note, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a dedicated specialist field and the costs of optimising a website for search engines through a provider starts at $1500 (one off fee) for on page SEO and $750/month for off page SEO. As Swish Online strive to keep our prices low and accessible for small businesses, it is not viable to include SEO services in our flat rate prices. Note: Despite the above, Swish Online strongly recommends the ‘organic’ method of SEO, which relates directly to a website’s Google ranking. We feel this achieves the best, sustainable results, and we will be able to give advise you how to achieve this. This method does not involve any cost.

Paypal buy now buttons

Copywriting or copyediting of site content

Proofing of site content



Please note that any changes to the site design after concept design approval has been given will incur charges on top of those quoted.



50% of the total quoted fee is payable up front prior to project commencement. If your web design project is cancelled at any time during the development period, this 50% up front fee is non refundable and you may be liable for costs incurred in excess of this.

The remainder of the total package cost is payable at ten (8) weeks after project commencement OR before website upload, whichever occurs first.



All files associated with the live site are the property of the client once the final payment has been made in full.

At this stage, the website therefore is your property, and you are entitled to make any changes to it, or move your hosting to another provider, without the authorisation of Swish Online.

The raw design files (photoshop files) that our designers create in order to produce the website, remain the property of Swish Online.



We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver projects on time according to mutually agreed deadlines. These deadlines are of course dependent on the timely provision of all project content, imagery, specifications and approvals by yourself. Any delay in provision of these items will result in postponement of the project deadline.

On the rare occasion that we are unable to meet a deadline due to internal issues, we will inform you in advance, not when the project deadline is overdue.



All websites designed and built by Swish Online, have to be hosted will Swish Online. If not already hosting with Swish Online, the client will be able to sign up for hosting here.

For the website has gone live, the client will need to be hosted with Swish Online. Once the site is live, it will need to be hosted by Swish Online for a minimum of 12 months before the client can move their hosting to another provider, if this is required.

If the client already has hosting set up with another provider , and the client is running their email though their current host, Swish Online can set it up so that we leave your email as is (running through your current provider), and just set up your DNS so that the website is hosted with us.