Do you have an issue with your website or email and are not sure how to fix it? We can help you out from wherever you are, anywhere in the world, via our Remote Support service.

How does remote support work?

  1. Contact us at to set up a time for us to remotely log into your computer.
  2. Just before the designated time, downloand and run the Teamviewer remote support software by going to this link in your browser:
  3. Email us at when ready, and we will initiate contact to your computer from our end.
  4. You will be asked: “Swish Online would like to view and control your desktop. Would you like to accept that?” – click “allow“, and we will be on our way!

Pricing for this service (minimum $77 + GST)

  • Connection fee – $77 + GST
  • Per 15 min block – $35 + GST

You will see on your computer screen exactly what we are doing, and anytime you want to finish the connection, simply close the support software. We will be able to to communicate through the software via written text, or we can be on the phone at the same time if need be.


What is remote support?
Remote Support is a service which we provide whereby we can control your computer for your to diagnose / fix an issue that you have. You will see on your computer screen any action that we undertake.

Why would I need remote support?
There are many reasons why you may need remote support, however the main ones are that you have an issue that you can’t sort out, or you don’t have the time to sort it out. Your own time is valuable, and quite often it is just easier to get a professional to sort it out for you in a quick and efficient manner.

How do receive remote support?
Just contact Support on:
PHONE: 08 92408181

What security measures are taken?
Our remote support software uses full encryption. Encryption is based on 2048bit RSA private/public key exchange and 256 Bit AES session encoding. This uses the same security level as https/SSL and is considered completely safe by today’s standards. The key exchange also guarantees that the data channel is completely encoded from client to client and that any routers or servers in between (including our routers) are unable to read or analyze the data stream. Security and privacy have always been a top priority during development.

Does it work behind firewalls?
Yes, the remote support software will allow you to share your desktop over almost any firewall.

Why does my antivirus software appear when downloading and running the remote software?
Certain virus definitions report the remote software as potentially dangerous, as by the nature of the job it does, it requires a much deeper access to the system than a standard application. Please make sure that you do have the latest virus definition of your antivirus software to help prevent this.

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