Premium Solution for Your Online Data

This is the ultimate solution for your business – we know, as we have set Swish Online up with the exact solution below.

By integrating our web and email servers with the third party providers Cloudflare and Google Apps, along with our own Automated cPanel Backup solution, we have fully future proofed our website and email.

Sounds complex? Well it is, however you don’t have to do anything at your end 🙂 – we will do all the set up for you!

With this specific custom set up, we have achieved the following:

  1. Faster Website – once our website was running through Cloudflare’s network, it automatically got the benefit of faster loading speeds by having it’s static content cached in  all of Cloudflare’s 69 data centres around the world. We were then able to tweak Cloudflare’s settings specific for our website, to improve loading speeding even further with their web optimisation settings. We now have our whole website running under a SSL Certificate (https), and despite this, it is loading twice as fast as previously (even with an SSL Certificate installed on the whole site, which slows down loading speeds).
  2. Greater website security – through Cloudflare’s extensive security system, our website now has another layer between our web server and firewall and the bad guys. This extra layer of security blocks known threats, help prevent comment spam, protect email addresses on our site from web scrapers, and basic DDoS protection. And it’s fully customisable firewall allows even further fine grained control for our website.
  3. ‘Always Online’ Website – by using Cloudflare’s ‘Always Online’ service, even when our own web server experiences any downtime for updates or hardware replacements, our Swish Online website will stay online for our viewers to be able to access important information from our site, or log into their webmail or control panel. This is through the Always Online version of our site that Cloudflare has automatically built.
  4. Always Online Email – by settings up a Google Apps account, and integrating our mail MX records with google (note: we still keep our domain email addresses – ie. , in conjuction with Cloudflare’s DNS, our email will now never be affected, even if our web server is down (google’s uptime is 99.978%).
  5. Huge storage limit for email – never again will I run out of storage for my emails, and I will be able to keep a copy of every email I ever receive and send (ie. no need to ‘purge’ emails after a while to save storage space). With a Google Apps account, you get 30GB of storage per email address! Yes, that is right, 30GB per email address!
  6. Up to date backups of your whole cPanel account – through our ‘Automated cPanel backup to a remote store’ solution that some of you have already subscribed to, our whole cpanel account is backed up to our google drive account, where we keep 120 days worth of full daily backups. And best of all, the google drive account comes with your Google Apps account. I now have a fully redundant syetm of backups (on top of our own remote server backups), that I can restore my whole account from, from any of the previous 120 days, just in case I need to.
  7. All emails backed up to Google Drive account as well – I have all of our emails from my google apps account backing up continuously to my google drive account as well.

I have personally refined how the above has been set up to work over the last 6 months, and I can’t help but say how comforting it is to have every base covered. And I can now also set up this total redundant system for you website and email as well.

Once set up, you will have the benefit of:

  • Cloudflare Pro account – usually $20 a month (US) through Cloudflare, set up for Always Online, greater website speed and security
  • Google Apps account, which gives you a massive 30GB of storage per email address.
  • All your email accounts backing up to Google Drive in real time
  • Our own cPanel Backup solution – backing up your cpanel account to your Google Drive account, usually $29/month + GST for daily backups

All of this for

  • Set up fee = $497 + GST; and
  • $40/month + GST;
  • Plus $5 a month (US) for each email address (paid to google).

For total peace of mind, this is the way to go.

Also note: for customers currently already on our cPanel Backup to Dropbox service, we can incorporate this into the solution above for you as well 🙂

Have any questions, or would like to proceed? Just drop myself a line here.