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How does using Cloudflare benefit my website loading speed?

 December 25, 2018     0 Comments

Cloudflare is one of the leading web services built to provide performance and security features to improve the running of websites. We have listed the top four performance benefits in using Cloudflare for your website:

  1. Rocket Loader
    Prioritises your website's content (text, images, fonts etc) over your website's javascript code, which results in significantly faster load times

  2. Minification
    With Cloudflare's 'Auto Minify' feature, Javascript, CSS and HTML files are stripped off of unnecessary characters without changing their functionality. This feature reduces the size of the files and in the process helps load the web pages faster.

  3. HTTP/2 Protocol
    HTTP/2 is the latest version of HTTP designed to improve page load times for your website visitors. One of its speed benefits allows a browser to load multiple web page assets in parallel over single TCP connection. Other benefits under this feature are Server Push and Stream Priority (specify which web page assets you would like to receive first). 

  4. Browser Caching
    Browser caching in Cloudflare allows temporary storage of your web page files on your visitor's computer for a specific period of time to provide faster load times for repeat visitors.

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