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Change an email password

 December 27, 2018     0 Comments

For assistance with logging into your Control Panel via your 'My Account' area, please go here.

To change an email password in cPanel, please

  1. Log into your Control Panel (cPanel).
  2. In the Control Panel dashboard, under 'Email' section, click on 'Email Accounts'.
  3. In the next page, click 'Email Accounts' tab.
  4. Find the desired email account from the table of existing email accounts or you can search a specific email account using the Search text box.
  5. Under 'Actions' column, click the 'Password and Authentication' link next to the desired email account.
  6. In the first password field that appears, click 'Generate' button to create a strong password.
  7. Copy the generated password then paste to the second password field, 'Password (Again)'.
  8. Click 'Change Password' button.
Please make sure that straight away you change the password in all your computers and devices where you have this email account set up, to prevent your IP address getting blocked after this change. If you IP address does get blocked, you can unblock it here.

Congratulations! You have successfully changed an email password in cPanel.

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