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Cannot access website or email

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If you can't access your website or email (or both), please follow the directions below to diagnose the issue (in the following order).


1. Is your internet active? 

Please go to a website that your haven't visited before (so that it is not cached in your browser - ie. to confirm that it displays (and therefore your internet is active)

Does it display?

NO = Please contact your internet service provider (which isn't us :) - ie. It could be Telstra, iinet, Westnet, TPG, Optus, or many other alternatives.

YES = Please go to step 2.


2. Is our Swish Online web server experiencing downtime?

Please check here: to see if there are any web servers currently experiencing downtime. 

Are they any web servers currently down?

YES = Please contact us on for an update on the server downtime.

NO = Please go to step 3


3. Is your website / email down for everyone (across the internet), or just you?

Please enter just your domain name (ie. '') here to see if the domain is down across the internet, or if it is just down for you. 

Is your domain live for the rest of the internet (and therefore just down for you)?

YES = Please go to step 4

NO = Please go to step 7


4. It may be the case that your IP address is blocked in our server firewall.

To have it unblocked, while on the computer that you can't access your website or email, please:

  1. log into 'My Account' (at --> 'Logins' --> 'My Account')
  2. Once logged in, go to the menu item 'Support' --> 'Unblock IP
This will unblock your IP address (if it was blocked in the server firewall). 

Are you now able to access your website or email?

YES = Please contact support at and provide them your IP address (from and inform our support team that your IP was unblocked, and that you have had it unblocked, and would like to know the reason for the block (so that you can resolve the issue from re-occurring)

NO = Please go to step 5


5. Is your issue with just your website, just your email, or both?

WEBSITE ONLY = Please go to step 6

EMAIL ONLY = Please go to step 10

BOTH = Please go to step 7


6. If you cannot access your website (however can access your email), are your referring to your home page of your website (ie. you can't access any page of your website), or the admin area of your website (ie. you can access the website home page, but can't log into the admin area of your website)?

WEBSITE HOME = Please go to step 7

ADMIN OF YOUR WEBSITE = Please go to step 


7. Is your domain name active (ie. it hasn't expired)? 

Please go here: and enter your domain name (ie. '') and click 'search'.

Next to the heading 'status', does it say: 'inactive', or 'redemptionPeriod' or 'serverHold' (or does it display a message 'This domain has not been registered')?

YES = Your domain name may have expired. If this is the case, please contact us on as we may be your domain registrar

NO = Please go to step 8


8. Have you had any recent website changes done to your site?

YES = Please speak with your web developer to investigate this for you, and get back to us on as to their reply.

NO = Please proceed to step 9


9. Is you website hosted with Swish Online? 

Please enter your domain name here: and if at the field 'Name Servers' it lists a name server that includes '' or '' in, or '', you are most likely hosted with Swish Online.

Are your name servers related to the above?

YES = Please go to step 14

NO = You domain may still be hosted with Swish Online despite this (ie. your domain uses custom name servers however the A record points to our web server). Please go to step 14


10. If you are experiencing an issue with your mail client (ie. Outlook / Max Mail etc), are you able to log into webmail?

YES = Please go to step 13

NO / UNSURE = Please go to step 11


11. Are you able to log into webmail in your browser at the web address: (replacing '' with your actual domain name (ie.

NOTE: Please don't try multiple times to log into webmail if you are unsuccessful, as you may get your IP blocked. If that is the case and you are now unable to view your website as well, please go to step 4. 

NO = Please go to step 12

YES = Please go to step 13


12. Contact us to reset your email address password.

Please contact us on to reset your email password (and please make sure you have an 'alternate email address' oin your 'My Account' that is not related to your domain name (so that you can receive our reply).

To check on this, while logged into 'My Account' at --> Logins --> 'My Account' , click on your name in the top right hand corner and select 'Alternate Accounts' and enter an email address that you have access to that isn't related to your domain name, and check 'support' and click 'update'. This is so you are able to receive our reply. 

Note: Once you have received the new email password from us, please change this in all of your computers and devices asap so that you don't get your IP address blocked.


13. If you are able to send and receive via webmail, however you can't via your email client, this indicates a setting issue within your email client.

Please take screenshots of all of your settings (including advanced settings) in your email client, and send through to, and we will be able to assist.


14. Please contact us on and provide as much details as possible, and we will investigate and will get back to you.

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