If you need to contact Swish Online support, it is often important to send a screenshot (sometimes called a screen capture) to us, so that they can see exactly what you are seeing. A screenshot is a “photo” of your computer screen. Whether you are on a PC, Mac, or iPhone, there is a simple key combination that will allow you to take a screenshot.

Screenshots on a PC (Windows XP or 7)

  1. If you have several windows open on your computer, click on the window you wish to take an image of.
  2. Type ALT + Print Screen on your keyboard, by first holding down the “ALT” key and then pressing the “Print Screen” key. The “ALT” key is on the bottom next to the Space bar. The “Print Screen” key (sometimes called PrtScn) is located on the upper right, usually above the arrow keys.
  3. This saves your screenshot to your clipboard and you can then open a new email and select Edit > Paste to paste it into the body of the email. If you need to save it as a file and upload it, continue with Step 4.
  4. Open the program “Paint” by going to Start > All Programs > Accessories > Paint.
  5. Paint will open with a blank document. Select Edit > Paste from the top menu.
  6. After the image appears, click on File > Save As. Give the file a name, select where you wish to save it, and click save. (You will need to find it later, so be sure to make a note of where you save it — the Desktop is often the easiest place to find something.)
  7. You can then upload the image with an swishonline support ticket.

Screenshots on a Mac (OS X all versions)

  1. Press Command + Shift + 4, holding down all three keys together on the keyboard at the same time. The Command key is also called the Apple key and is located next to the Space bar.
  2. Your cursor will become a crosshairs and you can click and drag to select the area of your screen you wish to capture. When you are done, release your mouse button.
  3. Your screenshot will be automatically saved to your desktop as an image file. The file name starts with “Screen shot” in Mac OS 10.6 or “Picture” in Mac OS 10.5 and earlier.
  4. You can then attach the image to an email or upload the image to an swishonline support ticket.

Screenshots on an iPhone (all versions)

  1. Press the Home button and then press and release the Sleep/Wake button. The Home button is the large button below the screen. The Sleep/Wake button is on the top-right edge. The iPhone will flash white for a moment and make a sound like a picture is being taken.
  2. Open your Photos app, and navigate to your Camera Roll. Your screenshot will be the most recent shot on the roll.
  3. Tap the image to view it full screen, then select the send icon on the bottom-left. Select “Email Photo” and send each photo to your own email address so that you can access them on your desktop computer.
  4. Save all screenshots that you receive to your email address on your desktop computer.
  5. Send all screenshots as attachments in your email to Swish Online support.

Click here to open a Support Ticket or email Swish Online support.