There are a LOT of blogging resources out there for those who are new to blogging, or have been blogging for a while. But until this year, I hadn’t come across a half decent resource for people looking to START a blog. Luckily the very clever Louisa Claire from Brand Meets Blog saw the need as well and answered the call.

She wrote a little e-book called How to start a blog – A beginner’s guide and it’s brilliant. Literally every question I’ve ever been asked about starting a blog is covered in there. At $8 I believe it is a no-brainer investment for those of you thinking about dipping your toes in the blogging pond. One of my favourite parts of the book is when Louisa covers ‘why blog’. I actually crowdsourced a whole lot of answers to this question and the results are in this post. But I really love Louisa’s answer:

At the heart of blogging is relationship; whether your blog is personal or professional the end goal is to connect with others. Blogging enables you to connect with like-minded people from all over the world and form cyber communities that offer support, encouragement and fun.

I couldn’t agree more. The number one thing I love about blogging is the chance it has given me to connect with like-minded people. I have become friends with some wonderful people through all my various blogs – people who I would otherwise never have come across in real life. I consider that a huge gift! So back to Louisa’s book. After despatching the ‘Why blog’ question with aplomb, she moves on to such essentials as:

  • How to name your blog (very important!)
  • Blogger vs WordPress (she breaks down the pros, cons and technical aspects beautifully)
  • Setting up your blog
  • Five things every blog needs
  • How to find readers (most asked question in blogging!)
  • Tip and Tricks for successful blogging
  • So as you can see – very comprehensive yet easily digestible. I’d highly recommend this little e-book to anyone thinking about taking the plunge or even for those of you who might have recently started a blog but feel like you are operating in the dark!

And if after reading Louisa’s e-book you still have any questions about blogging – feel free to come back here and ask them!