Do you have an iPhone and a swishonline email account? It’s easy to set up your email so that you can check it on your phone. You can even “sync” the email on your phone with your computer, so that your email inbox is exactly the same, no matter which device you are checking it from — all read, deleted and sent emails are kept track of.

Here are the steps for setting up your mail on your iPhone:

  1. Open your iPhone, and go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars1
  2. Tap Fetch New Data, turn Push to ON, and then select how often your phone will check for new mail. Note: The more regular you check for mail, the more strain you put on your battery and the more data you can eat up if you are out of wifi range. If you only want to check for mail when you open the mail program, check “Manually”.
  3. Go back to the previous Mail screen.
  4. Tap Add account > Other > Add Mail Account
  5. Enter the following details:
    1. Name: The name you want to show when you send an email
    2. Address: Your swishonline email address
    3. Password: Your swishonline email address/password
    4. Description: a description for this account – ie. My Work Account
  6. Tap Next on the top right.
  7. Select IMAP if you wish to sync this email address with another computer, or POP3 if you do not. Scroll down and input the following:
  8. Incoming Mail Server:
    1. Host Name: mail.Domain.com.au, where “Domain.com.au” is your domain name
    2. Username: your full swishonline email address.
    3. Password: your email address password.2
  9. Outgoing Mail Server:
    1. Host Name: mail.Domain.com.au , where “Domain.com.au” is your domain name
    2. Username: your full swishonline email address
    3. Password: your email address password.
  10. Tap Save — if it says “Cannot Verify Server Identity” just tap “Continue” and then tap “Save” again.

You account is now setup, but you need to adjust some settings for your IMAP account.

  1. Return to the main Mail screen, select the new email account you just created, tap the account name again, and then tap Advanced.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom, and under IMAP Path Prefix, type (in all caps): INBOX
  3. Then scroll back up and adjust your “Mailbox Behaviors” so that everything you do is saved on the server
  4. Tap Drafts Mailbox and select Drafts under “On the Server” (if you see nothing but “Inbox” go back and repeat step 2)3
  5. Tap Sent Mailbox and select Sent under “On the Server”
  6. Tap Deleted Mailbox and select Trash under “On the Server”
  7. Under Deleted Messages, tap Remove,and choose when you want your iPhone to remove your deleted messages from the server, and then go back.

Congratulations! Your email account is now set up. Close the “Settings” app and go to your “Mail” app to test your email account.