Automated cPanel Backup to Dropbox

No matter how thorough any cloud services backup procedures are (including ours, which is industry leading), we still recommend that all clients always have their own backup procedures in place as well (as you would and should for any web based service).

And many of you do. Some of you are using plugins (like Backup Buddy or WP Backup to Dropbox). Some of you are taking cPanel backups manually. And this is great!

The problem with backup plugins, however, (as we have recently discovered), is that they tend to be incomplete. So when you go to restore your website from one of these backups, there is data missing.

The problem with the manual cPanel backups is that you need to remember to do them.

Given how much your businesses rely on your website, and given how important it is to have complete, and up-to-date multiple backups of them, we have been working hard to come up for a solution for this for you.

We are now extremely pleased and proud of being one of the first web hosts to be able to offer this very service.

Our new Automated cPanel Backup to Dropbox service is the solution that you need to take full control of your cPanel backups, without having to do anything.

This new solution will:

  1. Take a daily or weekly (depending on the plan) backup of your entire cPanel account (the gold Standard when it comes to backups)
  2. Upload it to your own Dropbox account (we will create and set up a free Dropbox account for you).
  3. Store multiple previous cPanel backups at any one time.
  4. Send you a daily email notification when each back up occurs.
  5. Enable you to be able to restore file(s), databases, email (imap), or your whole cPanel account , from within your cPanel account yourself should you need to.

The entire process above is automated – you don’t need to do anything. And it backs up absolutely everything: website, emails, dns settings, web files, other cpanel settings (including logs, cron jobs, bandwidth usage related data, ssl certificates, etc.) … everything.

Does your personal current backup procedure tick all of these boxes?

  1. Totally automated (daily or weekly).
  2. Back up your whole cPanel account (website, imap emails, database, web stats, DNS settings, SSL certificate).
  3. Stored remotely from your hosting account.
  4. Easy access to your backups.
  5. Ability for you to easily restore from one of your previous backups – your whole hosted account, or just some web files, imap email, databases – you can choose.
  6. Keep multiple previous backups.
  7. Email notification for each back up.

If your back up procedure is missing any of these above, then our solution is for you.

If you don’t have your own backup procedure, then our solution is a must for you.

The best thing is, we will set it up for you, so you don’t have to do anything.

How much does it cost to install this on your account?

It is from only $19/month + GST

If you’ve ever lost any or part of your website or emails (imap), you’ll know this is a tiny amount to pay for peace of mind.

Any questions, just get in touch with Anthony at

To sign up, please go here – Weekly or Daily backups