Why would I host my WordPress blog with you guys over another web host?

Purely for the luxury of knowing that if something goes wrong with your blog, you can ring a direct landline during Australian working hours and get help fast. Of course there are plenty of other reasons to host your WordPress blog with us but this is the main one!

Do you guys design blogs too?

Yes, Kelly has been a graphic and web designer for more than 10 years and has particular experience working with the Genesis platform on WordPress. However … at $110/hr her design services aren’t cheap but she knows plenty of other blog designers in Australia who can help you if she can’t!

Lots of WordPress sites are getting hacked these days – what will you guys do to protect my blog?

We perform our standard ‘hardening’ process (valued at $330) on blogs that use our ‘Popular’ and ‘Uber’ hosting plans. We also install the WSD security plugin as standard on all accounts.

Additionally we take regular backups of all blogs hosted with us so in the unlikely event that your blog DOES get hacked, we can restore it to a previous backup quick smart.

I’ve got a Blogger blog and want to move my site to self-hosted WordPress – can you help?

Yep, sure can. Just drop us an email.

I’ve got a question and it hasn’t been answered here.

If that is the case, then feel free to send us an email or give us a call. Check out our contact page for all the details.