About Us

Swish Online (formerly Oz Blog Hosting) is owned and operated by husband and wife team Anthony and Kelly Exeter.

Anthony is the founder and owner of xmanonline - an Australian web hosting company that is now in its seventh year.

Kelly is the founder and owner of Swish Design - a boutique graphic and web design company based in Perth. Kelly is also a blogger.

Four years ago Kelly started blogging at I love pretty things with very little idea about what she was doing. All she knew was that she was writing about something she really loved and it was fun. She had been blogging for more than six months when she stumbled across the huge and thriving Australian blogging community on twitter. Oh happy days!

Where did the idea of Swish Online come from? Well Kelly was tired of seeing her bloggy friends on twitter complaining about problems with their cheap, US based web hosts and not being able to get the quick and easy support they needed when things went wrong on their websites. She knew what people wanted from a blog host:

  • Reasonable pricing
  • The ability to pick up a phone and talk to an actual person if something went wrong
  • The comfort of knowing straight away how long it would take for a problem to be resolved

So Kelly went to Anthony and charged him with creating a well priced, flat rate plan for self hosted WordPress blogs with phone support during Australian working hours and email support at all other times. And he did.

Nowadays, more and more Australian bloggers are making a living from their blogs. And that means the performance of their sites simply can’t be compromised when big traffic heads their way. So Anthony also created a bullet-proof cloud hosting package for those bloggers who simply cannot afford for their sites to have any downtime at all.

As you may have noticed, we’re a long way from being the cheapest providers going around. But we’re not interested in being cheap, we’re interested in providing amazing service to those people whose blogs are their babies :)