5 ways to get comments on your blog when you’re a new blogger

The hardest thing when you are a new blogger is that it can feel like you are writing for an audience of one … usually your mum. Because she’s the only one commenting on your blog.

I do tell people to enjoy those early days where it seems no one is reading because it allows you to develop your voice. But I also do understand that it is both hard and demotivating if you feel your words aren’t moving people to respond in the comments.

So here are five relatively easy ways to get that comment love flowing in those early days.

1. Don’t say everything

If your blog post is too long and too comprehensive, then you’ve probably said everything there is to say on the topic and that means there’s nothing left for your readers to say. Other than ‘great post’. And honestly, I hate when that’s all I can say in response to a blog post – so I just won’t say anything at all (but I might share it on twitter or facebook to show my love!)

2. Ask a question

Yes I know – seems so trite sometimes. But quite often I have read a post and I want to leave a comment … but I don’t know what the author wants to hear from me. If they ask a question though, that makes it very easy.

3. Keep the post short and sweet

This is sort of related to number 1 above, but if your post is long and rambling, then I will start skimming. And once I start skimming, I lose the heart of what you are writing. And then if I lose the heart of what you are writing, then I am less likely to leave a comment at the end. Short and sweet is 500ish words. 750 tops.

4. Comment on other blogs

When you leave comments on other blogs, you usually have the option to drop in your blog address too. Some blogs even have ‘Comment Luv’ installed which also lists the title of your most recent post. I have ‘Comment Luv’ on my blogs and I will often click through to the post of someone who has left me a comment and read their post … and then comment on it if I like it.

5. Join in blog hops

There are lots of blog hops that anyone can join in on. For example Jess at Essentially Jess runs the IBOT (I blog on Tuesdays) blog hop. Every Tuesday, anyone who has blogged that day can link up their post at the bottom and generally speaking, all the participating bloggers visit as many of the posts in the blog hop that they can and leave comments. I would say that joining in blog hops is the fastest and most effective way both to get to know other bloggers and of course, get some comment love on your site.

Now I am going to take my life into my hands and list some blog hops … I can’t list them all so if yours is not on the list below, please leave a note about it in the comments!


Nikki from Styling You makes a really good point about all of the above in the comments of this post that is worth repeating here: “These are the key things to being involved in the blogging community in a meaningful way. When you get involved it flows back to you and your blog.”

THIS is the core of why the above works when it comes to getting comments on your blog. And Nikki’s point leads logically to the next point a few commenters have made and that is:

“Don’t comment purely for the sake of getting comments back.” Just don’t. The point of leaving comments on other people’s blogs is to be a meaningful part of the conversation and for you to play a meaningful role  in the wider blogging community. If you only comment in a self-serving fashion people will be on to you pretty quickly.


And that’s it folks.

Are you a new blogger? Have you tried any of the above strategies with good success?

If you’re an experienced blogger, do you have any other suggestions?


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  1. Tina says:

    Great suggestions, Kelly. Thanks for the mention :)

  2. Jana says:

    Okay you’ve inspired me to comment and I’m ashamed to say I’m usually a browser not a big commenter!

    You’re content is gold, just love it! Ive got to go and find the post you wrote the other day now and comment on it, about ‘the summit’ I’ve been mulling over it ever since I read it. :)

    1. Kelly Exeter says:

      Ha ha thank you Jana!

  3. Great tips! I wish I had have read something like this when I started blogging. Rachel

    1. Kelly Exeter says:

      Thanks Rachel! My brother has just started blogging so I am basically writing posts that answer his questions to me!!

  4. Thanks for the mention Kel.
    I’m with you and hate leaving the ‘great post’ comment. I also hate getting it too, cause it makes me think I haven’t inspired much thought, or room for discussion.

  5. Annaleis says:

    Great post, would’ve loved to know this when I started. I love your blog help posts.

    1. Kelly Exeter says:

      It’s everything I wished I knew when I first started too Annaleis!

  6. Lisa says:

    Hi Kelly-great post. The end (ha,ha) I agree with all you have written. Another thing I have tried is to actually comment with intent. I often go back into the blogs older posts or their facebook page. I comment on something specific and add my point of view of my past experience. I also try to keep going back to to their blog on a regular basis (hopefully not enough to look like a stalker). To try and build a relationship. Wordless Wednesday is a big comment day for this newbie blogger.

    1. Kelly Exeter says:

      I love that Lisa – commenting with intent. I think I try to do that too and that’s why I hate only being able to say ‘great post’! Because I can’t offer them anything worthwhile!

  7. Thanks for the refresher Kel! I’m guilty of not doing most of the above. I really struggle with the question thing as can appear so trite and it kind of grates on me. I know I have far less chance of interaction that way, but feel it also looks so awkward and sad when I do that and there is no response. (sensitive much, I know!)

    Must learn to keep my word count down too – ALWAYS have I struggled with that!

    1. Kelly Exeter says:

      Oh yeah I know exactly what you mean with the question thing! It does feel trite … and also that terrible feeling if no one answers! BUT … I do find that if there is a question then usually at least ONE person answers.

      Ultimately though, it’s your blog and if you don’t feel comfortable doing something then you shouldn’t do it :)

  8. I agree with all of the above Kelly. These are the key things to being involved in the blogging community in a meaningful way. When you get involved it flows back to you and your blog x

    1. Kelly Exeter says:

      Thanks Nikki – and YES you have nailed it. It’s all about getting involved in the wider blogging community in a meaningful fashion. I am totally going to add that line in now!

  9. Hey kelly thank you for this post – I have started a group for chronically ill and disabled bloggers and have passed this post on to them. A fee are new starters and they want to get more exposure :)

    1. Kelly Exeter says:

      Thanks so much Carly!

  10. Janet says:

    I’m not a new blogger. BUT I have just started a new blog on a totally different subject and it’s hard making the switch – almost like starting from scratch!

    1. Kelly Exeter says:

      Yep Janet!!! I’ve done exactly the same thing before and know exactly what you’re talking about!

  11. Lisa B says:

    This is interesting. And referring to points 4 and 5, it’s been noted above by Nikki at Styling You to get involved in a meaningful way but sometimes it seems to me that it feels a bit forced if you go around commenting on other blogger’s blogs (ahem!) just for the sake of it. I see it (and it DOES happen) and it makes me uncomfortable cos I don’t tend to enjoy putting myself ‘out there’. So I know I don’t have as much of a following as other bloggers and while it’d be great to have more readers, I want them to really WANT to read my blog, not just because they think it’ll bring me to them. Now I’m rambling and am not sure I’ve made sense…!

    I’ve got a lot to do about keeping posts (and comments) short too :)

    1. Kelly Exeter says:

      I definitely agree Lisa. I was going to put a line in there about ‘don’t comment just for the sake of getting comments please’. In fact I might update it now!
      It’s a bit in line with what Nikki said – comment with the intention of getting to know other bloggers and be a useful part of the wider community. Bloggers love supporting other bloggers – but they can also spot people who aren’t authentic a mile off I reckon!
      I also agree that comments aren’t the be all and end all either!

  12. I completely agree with the comments above. Never comment just to get a comment back. It’s a game that goes nowhere. And a game you cannot keep up the bigger your blog gets.

    I read a lot of blogs, but don’t have a lot of time to comment unfortunately, but I’ll jump out when I’m really driven to say something. This is the kind of interaction I want on my blogs. It means you’ll get less comments, but they will be more meaningful and authentic. And it’s the best way to get rid of the “Great post” comments.

    I agree with all your points. I get sick of posing the question at the end sometimes too, but it is really important

    1. Kelly Exeter says:

      Thanks Caz – and I am going to add in that ‘don’t comment just to get a comment back’ point right now!

  13. Jodie says:

    Great straight forward advice. I honestly did not know about blog hops. I better try one. Many Thanks!

  14. Kate says:

    Great post, it’s like the do’s and don’t of blogging. Thanks