33 amazing tips for new bloggers

My brother has recently started blogging and I have been helping him get everything set up. While doing all of this I thought to myself how cool it would be to find out what advice seasoned bloggers would give their newbie selves. So I put the callout to my networks and got some absolute pearls of wisdom. This is everything I love about the Australian blogging community – they are so lovely and supportive!

So without further ado here are 33 amazing tips for new bloggers

As a new blogger, it’s easy to go crazy posting for a week or two, and then run out of post ideas, or energy, or both. Before you start, have a plan of blog posts to write for the first few weeks and spread them out. Allow space for impromptu posts. If you pace your posts and effort, you’ll be more likely to persevere once the initial blogging ‘high’ has worn off!

Tam from Around Here

If you have nothing original to say, then at least think of an original way to say it. Otherwise, you’ll be just another contributor to the web’s cesspit of regurgitated content.

James  from James Bull Consulting

Engage with other bloggers! It is the best way to get readers and forge connections.

Kristen from Wanderlust

Never use a picture you didn’t take or are 100% positive is free for you to use; be super cautious of who you quote – ask permission or don’t write it! And remember that whatever you publish is truly forever. Be sure that whatever you publish will be ok 5 days, 5 months and 5 years down the track. Discussing your toddler’s small peepee is not unheard of in blogland, but you can bet he won’t thank you for that post if he ever runs for Prime Minister

Lisa from Simple Loving Thoughts

Imagine your grandma will read it and post accordingly. Write for yourself. If you write for others, it gets boring really quickly. It also encourages you to continue if you’re the only one reading it for a while! Ask for help and give it where you can!

Twinkle Little Starfish from Natural Aussie Families

When I started my blog I didn’t have a clue how to promote it, I got good feedback from my friends but only 30 or so people were actually reading. I plodded away, enjoying my writing but only posting once or twice a month. My sister encouraged me to join twitter.. I was highly resistant… I found it confusing and overwhelming (the sheer speed at which it operates!)… but through twitter I connected with hundreds of other bloggers, I started to gain my own following… I discovered regular blog hops… a community! Within months my page views jumped from hundreds to thousands and my confidence is growing too! Join twitter would be my number one tip for new bloggers.

Catherine from A Cup of Tea Blog

Add some grit. Even if it’s perfect, people like reading about an imperfect life. I would also add “Learn technique”. Whether it’s writing, photography or cooking, anchor yourself in one core skill.

Sandra from $120 Food Challenge

Find someone nice that you can ask for help!
David from Click WP

Just do it. Just write and publish. Don’t get caught up in having it perfect before publishing, especially in the early days when no-one will be “finding” it via a search engine. Develop your style as you blog and get confident with your writing style.

Nikki from Styling You

Just play with it. You can’t really break anything! And it’s the one way to feel comfortable. It doesn’t have to be perfect from Day 1 – it fact it will NEVER be perfect!

Nat from Mummy Smiles

Cliched, but “keep it real” comes to mind. Be mindful of your audience, but don’t compromise your opinions for them.

Kimberley from Melbourne Mum

Do what makes you happy. Blogging is meant to be fun. You are your own person, make your own rules.

Bianca from Big Words Blog

Damn, a lot of my number one tips have been said! My number 2 tip would be to include at least one photograph per post. The eye-candy draws people in!

Nicole from Bitten by the Travel Bug

I’d echo some of the other thoughts on just starting and practicing. That’d be my #1 but because that’s been said….

Be useful. Put yourself in the shoes of someone that you could see reading your blog and ask yourself what they’d find useful… and then write something that fits that.

Make the lives of those who read your blog a little better – by making them laugh, solving a problem, making them feel they are not alone, giving them information that they’re searching for or inspiring them – and you’ll go a long way to building a blog that people will come back to again and again.

[From ed:] I saw Darren mention his blogging mantra on twitter the other day and I thought it was worth a share here as it is pretty cool: “Inform, Inspire Interact – that’s my writing mantra”

Darren from Problogger

Write how you speak, make it a conversation.

Kirsty from 4 kids, 20 suitcases and a beagle

The best advice I could give is to connect with other bloggers (and readers) in whatever ways he can: social media, by commenting on other blogs, responding to comments on his blog, attending conferences and even joining an affordable (but valuable) membership group. They’re all ways that he can learn as he goes along, and at the same time avoid the feeling of isolation that I’m sure many bloggers experience.

Brigid from The Inspired Notebook

Treat your blog like you are standing at the front counter of your ‘shop’ and chatting with the customers. What would you talk to your people about? What would you help them with? What stories would you tell about what you do/offer/make/sell? Write about that. =)

Karen from build a little biz

Have a few blog post ready to go if you are starting a new site.

Nathalie from Easy Peasy Kids

Aim to keep posts to 500 words or less (give or take) and have catchy title and a first paragraph that hooks the reader in.

Linda from Create your own Success

I think that as much as you want to just vomit it all out on to a page, write it, save it in drafts and then go back and edit before publishing. It’s easy to waffle.

Sarah from That Space in Between

Proof reading is dull but important. No one will take you seriously with typos or silly mistakes in your text!

Tonya from The Crafty Mummy

There are so many abandoned blogs and sites out there, where people have lost interest and given up. Or posted three times in a week, then nothing for two months. I’d go with consistency as my #1 tip. Something along the lines of: Even if you feel like giving up, keep going and post regularly. It often takes a while to see the kind of readership you’d like, but consistency is key.

Kris Emery

Just start. You only get good at blogging by doing it. Do it regularly and do it with love.

Christina from The Hungry Australian 

Record yourself talking and then write that down. This is your voice. If you practice enough, you will become more confident with writing your voice.

Dorothy from Singular Insanity

So many great tips – the biggest one which i am sure has been said, but was driven home to me last week doing the SWOT analysis – people read your blog because of you. So don’t follow some formula, or rules, or what you think you ‘should’ do. Be yourself, do what feels right, and natural for you.. and be persistent, they will come

Lyndal from Welcome to the Family

Be yourself and always write from your heart. Don’t be afraid to be yourself, play with it and grow every day.

Renee from The Bra Queen

Something I learnt from the super smart Nicole Avery, think about why you are blogging and what your goals of blogging are …that way you don’t get caught up in comparing yourself to what others are doing

Martine from The Modern Parent

Avoid comparison with other bloggers. You are unique so don’t try to recreate another blog, no matter how much you love it. This often means switching off from absorbing other people’s content when you are writing/creating your own. There is no competition when we are ourselves because simply put, no one else can be YOU!

Belinda from Web Chameleon

A practical one – work out what your tags/categories will be from the start – this will save a world of pain later!

Lee from Mummy Issues

My absolute number one tip would be to pick a niche that you absolutely love and know a lot about. You will soon burn out if you don’t, because blogging takes a lot of commitment and time. You may as well enjoy it while doing it! When you do something you love, consistency and quality of posts and connecting with other bloggers in your niche comes automatically, which are the other requirements of a successful blog. Oh and another really important one: think long and hard about your domain. Brainstorm for hours or weeks if necessary. You need to get something that is short, catchy and clear and that you are really happy with. (Believe me I speak from experience that it’s a total pain to change it after you’ve had your blog for several months…)

Sylvia from 40+ Style

My tip is to set yourself a challenge! When I first started my blog I set myself a challenge to write every single day for three months. I did it and I tell you what, it really helps your writing skills and overcoming fears and perfectionism. Of course you have to stick to your challenge but it’s well worth the effort.

Jedha from Paleo Weight Loss Coach

Follow the 80/20 rule. 80% is good enough (except spell check/proof read – I think this is really important to get right), just get it published and move on to the next post or you can be stuck for days trying to finesse it.

Kylah from Zest E-biz

Write about what you know best in your voice, because you cannot be anyone but you and people are interested in your stories, not copies of anyone else’s.

Denyse Whelan

The final word

I was involved in a GREAT conversation on twitter recently that started when Michaela from Five Frogs Blog mentioned that she never knew what posts were going to hit the mark and which weren’t. There was a resounding chorus that this was pretty normal, a conversation ensued and at the end, Michaela summarised the conversation as below. I think this is a pretty great place to finish up!


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  1. This is fantastic! I’ve come back and read it so many times. Such great advice for bloggers old and new! Thank you so much for sharing!

    1. Kelly Exeter says:

      Thank you Clare – that is lovely!

    2. BusiChic says:

      Clare said exactly what I was going to say which is that this post was helpful to me too even though I’ve been blogging for a while now.

      I’ve been feeling rathet shall-we-say-it, frustrated, that my blog isn’t as snappy and shiny as I’d like it to be then I realise I can only put in so much effort considering that I still work a full-time job.

      Some great comments to help me revisit my goals for BusinessChic, thank you Kelly!

      1. Kelly Exeter says:

        It’s so hard isn’t it Cheryl because there is always something ‘more’ we could be doing with our blogs if only we had the time. But in the end, we can only do what we can do … and what you’re doing is obviously hitting the mark!!

  2. James Bull says:

    Hi Kelly,

    Thanks for the opportunity to be part of this.


  3. Lisa B says:

    Great advice, thank you for this blog post. I have heard the mantra “write for yourself” and have used it with others but there is also the advice to find out what your audience want. So I’m a bit stuck between the two. Actually, I’d prefer to write for myself but some of the things I’d like to write are so raw that I don’t want my audience (who mostly know me) to see them! Sigh.

    1. Kelly Exeter says:

      This is a really tricky one Lisa and here’s what I think about it.
      If you are trying to grow an audience so you can sell stuff to them … then you kind of need to find that happy medium between what interests them and what interests you.
      If you are trying to grow an audience purely for the feeling of being ‘connected’ to like-minded people – then I say write for yourself, and ‘your kind of people’ will find you :)

      1. BusiChic says:

        Great advice, Kelly!

        1. Kelly Exeter says:

          Why thank you!! I am actually so interested to hear what others think on this topic – might have to make it the subject of next week’s post!

  4. Beth says:

    great post Kelly. Something to take away from all of these great suggestions. I have no niche, I blog about a lot of things and it used to concern me but now I just accept it. Moulds aren’t for everyone

    1. Kelly Exeter says:

      I agree Beth. And you know what, sometimes I think that ‘life’ is a perfectly great ‘niche’!

  5. Just what I needed to read this week. Some great tips!

  6. Great tips, Kelly. I think it’s important to keep in mind to not compare thyself with other bloggers. Do your own thing, although there will be times when you press Publish and then realise that someone else today wrote on the exact same topic!