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Blog Design


Kelly's been a web designer for 12 years, and being a blogger herself, she knows the subtle differences between what a blog design needs compared to a web design. She loves working with bloggers 'big' and 'small' to ensure they're giving readers a great first impression every time.

Blog Hosting


A web host for more than 6 years, Anthony's knowledge of all things 'server' combines well with Kelly's knowledge of all things 'blog' to provide a unique level of blog related hosting services to the Australian blogging community

Blog Support


With the Australian blogging community becoming more professional, bloggers would rather be spending their valuable time doing what THEY'RE best at ... blogging. Our support packages cover all those little things bloggers would rather someone else did for them.
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How to resize images for your blog in PicMonkey

Something I’m noticing a lot at the moment is bloggers taking images straight off their cameras or phones … and inserting those images into their blog posts. The great thing about these images is that they are really high quality. The [more]

Super Simple SEO for your WordPress blog

When it comes to SEO, the wonderful news is, if you have a WordPress blog, then you’re already ahead of the game. Right out of the box, WordPress sites are inherently well set up for search engines to crawl as [more]

Reflections on Problogger 2013

Reflections on Problogger 2013

I remember my first Problogger conference three years ago like it was yesterday. I’d been blogging for just on a year and knew exactly two people at the conference. Naturally I clung to their sides like a newborn to their [more]

Blogging – so much more than just content creation

Blogging – so much more than just content creation

If we were looking for the one, utterly ubiquitous phrase that describes the online age we are currently living in, that phrase would be content creation. ‘Content’ being the crucial thing that feeds the hungry beast we call ‘the internet’ [more]